WHY invest
Established market leadership secured by significant scale advantages
Globaltruck is the second largest FTL trucking operator in Russia by fleet size. The size and reliability of Globaltruck's fleet enables it to service large Russian companies that require significant volume capacities and just-in-time delivery solutions which only large and sophisticated trucking operators can offer. The magnitude of Globaltruck's operations generates economies of scale in fleet acquisitions, maintenance and spare parts, fuel supply and other procurement areas.

As of 30 June 2017, Globaltruck had

1,090 TRUCKS

Globaltruck operates a large, modern and reliable fleet of Volvo and Scania trucks with an average age of 3.5 years, which ensures year-round capacity for its customers.
Exposure to highly attractive end markets with growth prospects
Globaltruck has established relationships with large Russian retail chain stores, including Metro, IKEA, Magnit, X5, Lenta and O'Key.

Globaltruck's largest customer industries in 2016 by share of revenue were:

FMCG 25%

The Group has established relationships with large Russian e-commerce delivery businesses such as KIT, DPD and PEC. The Russian e-commerce market is expected to experience strong growth in the future with an estimated CAGR of 14.2% through 2022.

Globaltruck is the largest FTL trucking operator in the Urals and Siberia. The Urals and Siberia constitute approximately 24% of the Russian economy, benefitting from an increasing flow of private and government investment.
Strategic growth opportunities based on effective consolidation platform
The Russian FTL market is very fragmented with the ten largest FTL trucking companies controlling approximately 16 per cent. of the total number of trucks operating in the Russian market and approximately 98 per cent. of all Russian trucking companies operating no more than 50 trucks.

Globaltruck can act as the leading market consolidator supported by its position as a leading FTL operator and industry and market drivers.
Industry-leading operational performance
Globaltruck has demonstrated continuous improvement in the utilisation of its fleet. Globaltruck's loaded run ratio was 91.7% in 2016, which is higher than the EU 28 average loaded run ratio, which was 87.5 per cent in 2014-2015.


Representing a CAGR of 19.9% since 2014. Its EBITDA was 1,397 million in 2016, representing an EBITDA margin of 22.5%.
Highly experienced management with a track record of performance supported by strong corporate governance
Globaltruck's key managers all have more than 10 years' experience in the logistics and transportation business. Management is committed to transparency and best corporate governance practices and is focused on the creation of shareholder value.