Corporate social responsibility
The Group adheres to the fundamental principles of sustainable development in its strategy and consistently integrates them into its business. The Group complies with all applicable HR, health, safety and environmental protection legislation.
In the current market environment, the Group places a strong focus on the development of its staff. In a competitive landscape, high quality service, efficient management and operational excellence are key to business success.

The Group has a developed system for hiring, training and retention of the Group's employees and, in particular, drivers. The Group ensures stringent control of all new driver hires through pre-hire scrutiny, evaluation of driving skills, internal training on safe and fuel efficient driving and trial period internship. The Group provides in-house training programmes to improve the skillset and professionalism of drivers.

The Group's employee policy is focused on transparent employment conditions, high professional standards and personal motivation of drivers and other employees based on a detailed system of KPIs. The Group has a unified system of base remuneration levels and a KPI system across all subsidiaries to ensure fair remuneration to stimulate retention of qualified personnel, as well as lower fuel consumption and higher truck utilisation.
The Group upholds high health and safety standards, including requirements with respect to drivers' work terms, including rest time periods and other requirements. The Group follows a regulated procedure on pre-trip driver checks, when every driver undergoes blood pressure and alcohol testing prior to each assignment. The Group regularly conducts safety training to minimise accidents.
Respect for the environment is essential for the good health of future generations. We recognise the importance of environmental factors for any activity and maintain an eco-friendly culture.

The Group believes that it is in compliance with applicable environmental legislation. Nonetheless, any commercial activity has an environmental impact, and Globaltruck strives to minimise those from its operations where possible, while constantly increasing the share of the fleet, which meets the most progressive environmental requirements. The Group uses high quality fuel from renowned petrochemical suppliers, optimises route planning to save fuel, uses fuel-saving tyres and incentivises drivers for fuel-efficient driving. The Group also uses a modern water cleaning system for truck washing.