Our history
A newly founded transportation holding company GT Globaltruck Limited was established. Later this year GT Globaltruck Limited acquired Lorry and Magna, whose average fleet in 2012 was approximately 412 trucks.
Globaltruck accelerated its growth through the acquisition of new trucks bringing the total average number of units to 663.
Globaltruck acquired the transportation company Longrun based in Novosibirsk.
GTL was established in Noginsk in the Moscow region to streamline operations within the company.
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) granted a EUR 10 million credit line facility to the company, which enabled new acquisitions to be undertaken.
Globaltruck acquired the Russian assets of Quehenberger, an Austrian-based international logistics operator.
Globaltruck acquired the assets of the Transsibural group of companies, which was a competitor based in Ekaterinburg, adding 130 more trucks and 152 refrigerator trailers to the company's fleet in 2015.
LLC GLOBALTRUCK MANAGEMENT, a Russian holding company, was established to centralise the management functions and operating standards of the company.
In July 2017, LLC GLOBALTRUCK MANAGEMENT was reorganised into a joint stock company, which in October 2017 obtained the status of a public joint stock company and was renamed as Public Joint Stock Company GLOBALTRUCK MANAGEMENT. In November 2017 Globaltruck successfully conducted an IPO at the Moscow Exchange.

Globaltruck established another operating company, LLC Gruzoprovod, which will develop the CargoPipeline project.
Globaltruck is being strengthened by a new management team from large retail industry, led by Ilya Sattarov.
The new management team has been set the goal to continue to implement the growth strategy through the development of asset-light projects.
Successful development of freight forwarding.

Globaltruck significantly increased its fleet in accordance with the Strategy. At the end of 2018, the number of trucks accounted to 1,363 vehicles, which is 20% higher compared to previous year.