Globaltruck provides transportation and expedition services. Transportation services include transportation of customer cargo and freight for an agreed distance and direction using the Group's trucks, tents and refrigerators. Expedition services of the Group include organisation of the transportation requested by the customer and hiring a third party provider of transportation services.
Standard Transportation Services

Globaltruck provides standard transportation services using FTL long-haul trucks equipped with semi-trailers and isothermal bodies. Standard cargoes that do not require special temperature conditions with a total weight of more than 20 tonnes are also carried, in compliance with traffic regulations.

Cargoes can be loaded in any normal way – either from the side, from above, or from behind.

Standard cargo can be transported to all countries of Central Europe, Southern Europe and Northern Europe - from France to Poland and from Spain to Sweden, as well as to the Russian regions including the Urals, Siberia and the Far East.

Globaltruck's operating companies have developed transportation solutions for all major client groups: in particular, Globaltruck offers targeted Retail, e-commerce logistics providers and Metallurgy Contract Transportation solutions. Targeted industry solutions are optimally integrated into the technological systems of our customers, enabling us to provide high level services in line with best international practice.
Temperature-controlled Services

Globaltruck operates a modern fleet of refrigerators for special temperature delivery operations, mostly food and medicine transportation. Refrigerator transportation services are provided on domestic and international routes.

Globaltruck operates tractors with SCHMITZ refrigerated semitrailers from Germany. Each trailer is equipped with a modern CARRIER and Thermo King refrigerating and freezing installation, which enables us to transport both deep-frozen products and perishable goods requiring only cooling. We provide services using Triaxial semi-trailers with a Ferroplast body intended for cooling, or for deep freezing throughout the car, and multitemperature Ferroplast Mult semi-trailers equipped with a sealed partition and two evaporators allowing two different temperature modes to be created in one isothermal body witha precision of 1 degree Celsius.

All refrigerators are equipped with airborne recorders, which record all the changes in the temperature regime specified in the container along the entire route of the goods that we provide to the customer.
Our fleet
Globaltruck operates a fleet of 1,305 trucks and 1,457 trailers. The diverse range of tent trailers and refrigerators offers necessary transportation conditions for virtually any type of cargo.

Globaltruck has one of the youngest fleets in the industry with average age of 3 years.
Globaltruck employs only few brands and types of trucks to lower service costs and improve fuel efficiency and other operational metrics. The fleet consists mostly of Volvo and Scania trucks.
Volvo FH trucks with 12.8 liters engines of 420 to 540 hp accounts for the majority of Globaltruck fleet.
Globaltruck also operates Scania trucks with technical characteristics similar to Volvo.
Globaltruck operates more than 1,006 tents, mostly Schmitz Cargobull SPR, SCS and SCO tents, and small number of Kogel and Krone models.
Globaltruck operates 491 temperature-controlled trailers (refrigerators). Refrigerator trailers have Thermo King and Carrier refrigerating units and allow temperatures to be maintained from +20 to -20 Celsius
IT and telematics
Globaltruck has developed an advanced IT infrastructure to ensure efficient use of trucks and increase operational metrics. The company's route planning system is designed to arrange round trip routes to minimise the empty run ratio of each truck.

All trucks are equipped with GPS and GLONASS systems making their location immediately available for logistics managers. Built in scales ensure the weight of freight does not exceed the 20 tonnes allowance, also controlling the permitted axial load, which is particularly useful in light of the introduction of automatic weight control (AWC) on Russian roads.

All refrigerator trailers have temperature control systems to ensure optimal conditions for transportation of food, pharmaceutical and other temperature sensitive products. The Group's document management system has the potential for integration with that of its customers to receive online orders, share electronic documentation and provide live information on cargo condition, which will further improve the customer experience.

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